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Vehicle Storage

There are many reasons why you might want to put your vehicle into storage. New house and no garage for your vehicle. Downsizing to apartment and only one parking space available, vintage car storage. Storage while you do gap year. Split your time abroad and in the UK.  Roy Trevor has the solution for all your vehicle storage problems.

Roy Trevor can store vehicles short term, if you’re renovating and don’t want your car getting damaged, or long term if you’re going into rented accommodation whilst your house sale goes through, you could be moving abroad but don’t want to sell your vehicle.

Here at Roy Trevor we offer 3 types of vehicle storage the first would be loading your vehicle into 20ft steel container then storing it inside in one of our secure controlled temperature warehouses.

The second is where we offer outside storage where you can drive your car into a 20ft steel container which is located on the ground within a perimeter fenced facility with the addition of CCTV. This is flexible storage solution as it can be accessed 7 days per week.

The third is storing your vehicle in our dry open warehouse, suitable for long term storage where the vehicle does not need to be accessed, there is the option of placing your vehicle on trickle charge (for older vehicles). Roy Trevor can also arrange MOT’s and Service’s whist it’s in our storage. (Additional Charge)

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